Saturday, 7 February 2009

Wii Game

Wii is definitely one of the best gadgets any human can get !! I love playing Wii with my brothers and their kids !! my brother got his wii one month ago,and since then we keep frequently gathering to play wii games..

Wii is basically a new home video game by Nintendo, It is so unique and different from any other video game,including Xbox360.."Wii uses infrared technology to communicate with a wireless remote control, and it is the remote control of this console that separates it from the pack,This console device uses a wireless, motion-sensitive controller that allows players to use their motions to control and play the game using a totally new controlling concept - no buttons, no cursors - the machine simply tracks the movements in space. This of course is unlike typical gaming systems. With this wand like feature, it simply requires the players to physically perform the action they want to see on-screen. The Dancing With The Stars game for example, uses the device's controllers to physically mimic elegant dance moves while at the same time allowing the player to add his or her own personal flair." [source]

And I can add another point,which is the animation,it is very simple not too developed,more like a primative animations but WHO CARES !! this game is soooooooo cool !! The funniest part is when I tried doing the wii fitness age,which is going through 3 types of sports,your performance must be really good in order to get a decent fitness age :D oh and creating your characater on Wii is so cute as well .

Simply I <3> wii

PS: playing boxing was freakn' hilarious oh my god !!!!


Anonymous said...

ave had my wii for more than a year now, I got tired of it, the new experience was fun at the beginning, but later on this physical movement becomes unpractical and the inaccuracy of the movements registration causes a lot of frustration and makes you loose interest in playing the games.

I have bought an xbox360 last month and I have not even connected my wii to the tv since then, the gaming experience is a lot more developed, mature, accurate and the better graphics just makes the whole gaming experience a lot more fun.

Ashwaq Shaheen said...

seriously !! I have tried the Xbox360 and I think it is like any other video game,(it doesn't mean that I don't like it)However I agree 100% for the graphics,no comparison with Wii's graphics at all,as I wrote the graphics of wii games are primative,but I still like the concept...I will see If I will get sick of it later on :D