Thursday, 12 February 2009


I just love this song right now !!! it is the best solution when you have 4 kids (3 neices and 1 nephew) between the ages (1-5) playing all over the place,and have different,multiple,and endless needs !! anyways my eldest neice was singing a song while jumping on my bed..(I really got mad at her !!) I told her to stop doing it,but she refused and told me that she is doing like the five monkeys !! from the song five little monkeys (it is a song that she's learned from her school) !! I said heeeeey wanna see those five monkeys !! she was like yeah yeah and called over the rest of the gang..I searched it on youtube and I swear it is magic.. !!! I kept playing it over and over again hahaha ....VICTORY !!!!

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