Friday, 27 February 2009

I am back !!

My last post was like nearly a week ago,I was supposed to be away only for 3 days,but I was extremely busy this week,My sister arrived from Dubai with her little one-years-old daughter,shopping,dinning out,gossips,(I know sometimes it is too bad and I try my atmost to avoid it !!) and definitely Kids Land.I am so thankful for her visit, actually I am in a better mood.

My university: well I need to admit that I love my Intercultural Communication lecture !! it is so cool,and each lecture I learn sth new and different,the thing is that the students are arabs (actually last lecture there were two foreigners) we all study languages,Italian,Spanish,French,English,Korean,and I am not sure if we do have students who study German..and we swap cultural elements like traditions,values,geography,arts,food ..etc,oneday we had a special lecture dedicated for our presentations,the korean presentation was over the roof !!

akkhhh I dunno what to write about,I just missed my blog !!

Oh right I love today's weather !! rainy,freezy,cloudy and foggy !! SUPER AWESOME,I hope some snow in the way !!

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