Friday, 27 February 2009

That's not my NAME

For God's sake !! For Heaven's sake !! Please pronounce my name properly,It is not my fault,My dad didn't pick my name (but he did agree !!) neither my mother !! a nurse is the one who commited this unforgivable crime..yeah the nurse picked this name for me !!!

My name is AshwaQ,not AshwaG !!! My name is AshwaQ not AshwaK and please never try to give me shosho as a is too lame and I will hate you immediatly !! call me ashwa' I will accept it too

My mum wanted to name me Leen,my dad wanted his mother's name (my grandma) which is Sameeha !! (Imagine my name is Sameeha oh la laaaaa),they both didn't pick a name for me till the 2nd day after my birht,dad headed to the hospital to finish some procedures,and when someone asked him : oh what did you name your daughter?? my dad replied he is puzzled,a nurse came by and offered ASHWAQ as a name !! my dad liked it (as he says) and returned back home to surprise my mum with the name !!! till this moment I have no idea if my mum is still ok with my name or not !!!

When my mum told me this incident for the very first time,I got angry,I said why didn't you insist on Leen,you always insist on EVERYTHING..just why on earth didn't you pick an easier name,at least a modern one for me !! WHY ME !!

ps: I don't hate my name !!


Unknown said...


i enjoyed the story very much!!!
do not be upset, i also was named by my aunt's husband for my dad was away and my mother preffered "Razan"

well altough i have some "Ta7futhat" over my name but i like it more than "Razan" thank God it is not:)

Ashwaq Shaheen said...

hahahah yeah exactly "ta7afuthat"
Ashwaq is quiet a difficult name,my nieces and nephew couldn't call me ASHWAQ till they got 2 and half years old !! HOWEVER people don't forget my name easily !!
btw what does your name mean ??

Unknown said...

lol:) no no
little kids always say my name correctly bcoz of the "Seen" in it

well my real name is "Maisa" - and here u can see some difficulty in it for most ppl do not call it right" and it means someone who walks with Pride:D

maroo said...

hahahahaha ,, thats a cool story .. 3njad i enjoyed reading this too..
yes u have a difficult name but its wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy nicer than sameeha !! so cheer up honey .. by the way i dont like my name too but what shall we do LOOL :D

Ashwaq Shaheen said...

Mayasi :
Nice name and NICKNAME AS WELL !!

hehehe just imagine Sameeha !! omg !! we live with our names,it is such an unseparable feeling and weird as well...
your name is nice ;) not too complicated

Iman said...

I think I passed by your page before but didn't indulge in reading ;) ...till now (saw the comment you left on my site:)

This is a hilarious post :D loved it... I think I like it better than Leen ;)!

Ashwaq Shaheen said...

LoL !! do you think so ?? well thank you Iman :) I really appreciate it ;)

Welcome to my blog,thanks for commenting and stay tuned !!


Iman said...

aww thanks for the compliment about my blog:)

and yes, I like the name Ashwaq...

and I most definitely will stay tuned.