Saturday, 7 February 2009

Pffftttt ..Tomorrow...again !!!

UGHH !! Tomorrow is my first day of my 2nd semester in JU !! I still need more vacationing-time,I really had good times with some of my friends and with my family, I just need one extra week please please !!! oh plus my schedule this semester lasts till 3 pm (starting from 10 am) including 1 hour break,and I have one lecture at the faculty of Medicine !! so go figure !!!

Seriously i really don't enjoy my time at the university ( am I supposed to?) there is nothing to do there .. the activites are very limited and boring .. nothing is really interesting .. If u wanna grab sth to eat (it is the best option ) then go to the Village where most students are there..or some certain well-known places if u wanna meet your mates, actually I prefer meeting my friends in any cafe outta the uni,I don't enjoy sitting on pavemetns or floors (esp in winter,you know) and because people here keep staring at each other.frankly I don't like the atmosphere!!!

So I will do my best this term to keep myself away from the uni,I mean last semester I used to stay after finishing my lectures for no reasonable motivation !! and I believe it was indeed a waste of time !!! I will search for more stuff to do,for events,or even to get a part time job just to stay away from it...

farewell my lovely vacation *sniff sniff*

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