Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Finally..rains,winds and ... thunderstorms !!

Thank god !! Nobody can imagine my happiness at the moment..to be honest with you all,this post was about to be about my awful start at my 2nd semester . .I got back home around 4 pm,I wasn't in the mood for talking to anyone,I was extremely furious and frustrated .. I just sat on the sofa and stared at the TV... ( I will post so soon about my frustration!!)

Nearly 5:15 -5 :30 pm I was online listening to Marcel Khalife (I adore this man and I will post about him later as well) my brother came and shouted !! HEEEYY LOOK IT IS RAINING !! I didn't believe him and I resumed listening to (Marcel - Wa2afone 3al 7dod) then I heard the sound of rains pouring down my balcony and my bedroom's wall !! I jumped off my chair and opened my balcony .. and OH MY LORD !! I felt like reborn or sth I dunno the smell of soil mixed with fresh heavy rain..the sound of cars passing quickly splashing pavements and everywhere..the spot of rain drops hitting the street and tree branches !! that is sooooo refreshing !! I miss this weather !! and right now I am writing this post it is exactly 10:34 pm and I can hear nothing but thunders and thunders and thunders...oh and nonstop rain !!! I LOVE THIS WEATHER !!

Yaaaay more thunders = more rain !!


Whisper said...

Happy that your mood changed
sub7an Allah...the rain is good in every thing

about the new semester don't worry it will pass quickly :)

Anonymous said...

yeaaaaaa ma shallahhhhhhh:D

Thank God, the rain fell again today here in Houston for the first time since the start of this year :):) :)


Ashwaq Shaheen said...

Whisper : I wish everday is a rainy day !!! enshallah my semester will pass easily ..things are going complicated each day !!
anyways welcome to my page ;)

Jumana : that's great !! good news from Houston :) nshallan more rains are on the way