Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Again..Orange !!

After dealing with Orange disgusting excuses for having problems on my ADSL connection lately.. Ladies & Gentlemen here comes the BIG FAT EXCUSE !!

The very first thing I do every morning is,turning on my PC and my ADSL modem.However that day my modem wasn't fully lighted !! (you know those 4 lights on it) so I said maybe the line's cable or a problem with my ethernet..anyhow after trying and trying nothing changed so I decided to call Orange "again"..and honestly I waited for like 2 mins,a lady answered,took my house number,and then she said : "Oh ! your line is disconnected" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like whhaaaaaaaaa' ??? then I told her that we paid some of the bills and they told us that we can pay the rest later,and the internet will still on as long as it is not disconnected !! she said sorry I can' t help you,you have to pay !!
Orange !!! JUST TELL ME HOW DO YOU WORK !! HOW DOES YOUR SYSTEM WORK ?? You can't just do that !! the pathetic thing is when I went to pay alllllllll the bills most of the people who were there,were also paying their ADSL bills !! the first time I went there I didn't pay,because their server or sth was down !! so I went back home,and after like on hour I went back again,while I was waiting one guy was negotiating with one of the employee about his ADSL !!! then I realised that it is not only me !!! When it was my turn I asked the employee for the reason of having these bills unpaid,he didn't give me a clear answer he said look at the screen here are your unpaid ones..then I said that my dad used to pay them at the post and I showed him the receipt..he smiled and said that paying there takes time to reach Orange !! I was like haaa?? (btw I didn't get what was his point) even after paying the bills I still don't believe that they were not paid !! I dunno there is sth really wrong with them I swear !!!! effffttttttt soooooooooooo annoying !!

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