Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Gaza...Happy New Year

How shameful !!! For the fifth day Gaza is still under attack, a mercy-less attack,493 were killed and nearly 2000 wounded 200 of them in critical conditions, 40 kids are killed,8 women are killed..and still counting !!! and the killing silence is the response... how shameful indeed
Gaza suffers from a tremendous lack of medicals supplies,and when we talk about medical supplies this includes basic supplies !!! also a lack of ambulances and fuel and.....a lack of EVERYTHING !!! Civilians in Gaza are facing a real disaster,their lives are threatened each and every moment..their homes are no more safe,or probably their houses are demolished by Israel's frequent raids,there are no shelters,everywhere is now considered as a target.and the civilians are paying their lives for this war.

I am just sick of watching news channels broadcasting the atrocities in Gaza non stop,I am tired of seeing people protesting all over the arab world and world wide demanding peace and justice,I am sick of the Bla Bla Bla speeches that we see from time to time on the TV channels.The EU gathered in France to discuss the current situation in Gaza,meanwhile arabs were only preparing for a meeting "somewhere" "sometime",oh but I heard that there was a conference in Cairo,but till this time they've come up with usual..and by the way I am not expecting anything but speeches and donations .. but history repeats itself

Tonight is the new year's eve, a very gloomy and quiet night,I can't even let myself enjoy doing anything,I can't stop thinking of girls who are the same age of me,living in constant horror at night,and don't have a proper roof over their heads,I can't help myself not to think of every single woman who lost her husband or her dad or her son... And how painful to see your life is getting ruined,and you're helplessly struggling to stay alive!! thank God SOME arabs decided to cancel all kind of celebrations and parties as a solidarity with is a glimpse of an article from TheJordanTimes newspaper:-

"AMMAN - Many New Year parties in Jordan have been cancelled over the past two days in a show of mourning as well as solidarity with people in the Gaza Strip. Hotels, cafés, restaurants, malls as well as Jordanian families advertised in newspapers announcing the cancellation of planned celebrations, voicing support for people in the enclave where more than 370 Palestinians have been killed and more than 1,700 wounded in continued Israeli bombardment since Saturday of the besieged coastal strip. The manager of two concerts featuring one Tunisian and three Lebanese artists said both celebrations were cancelled due to the tragic situation in the strip. One was supposed to have renowned Lebanese singers Melhem Barakat and Roula Saad at the Le Royal hotel in Amman. The concert was called off Monday before organisers decided to cancel another one at the Holiday Inn featuring Lebanese May Hariri and Tunisian Ahmad Sharif. "The hotel administration decided to cancel the party, then Barakat and Roula Saad agreed and asked for no compensation," organiser Elias Nehme told The Jordan Times yesterday. Hariri and Sharif's show was on till yesterday afternoon with the proceeds planned to go as aid for the war-stricken strip, he said, explaining that the final decision to cancel was taken later because "it's a shame to have a party while people [in Gaza] are dying"
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and here is another one from Alrai newspaper: click here

Sorry Gaza,but this is only a little thing the arab nations can do to show some of their support to you..I wish we can do more,and I don't mean that we can't !!!! I wish 2009 will bring hopefully peace and hope to your people..May God Be With You All

This is a track by Yousef Kawar,called Gazzeh...all I can tell that this well-composed track is so true and sincere,I really got goose-bumps the min I listened to it....


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