Monday, 22 December 2008

Old Days...Good Laughs

Oh My God !!Last night I laughed for nearly one hour non stop,that I got really tears in my eyes.Don't ask me how or why did I remember those guys!! (by the way
youtube is such a bless).anyhow I just wanna leave you with the first clip of the play "il salam ya salam" by the Jordanian trio Nabil Sawalha,Amal Dabbas,and Hisham Yanes. I truly love comedy shows or whatever you call them..umm comedy stand-up shows..aaah whatever !! I think they've stopped their shows long time ago,I wish they could do it for only one more time :(

It's not just about "immitating" presidents and kings or well-known is more like being sarcastic toward the pathetic political issues we face over here !! They were really good at delivering laughter to the audiance not only for the sake of "laughing" only,but also to highlight some former events that maybe the younger generation didn't witness... SIMPLY I love this kind of arts.
this is a clip of Nabil Sawalha "Pope John II" & Hisham Yanes "Yaseer Arafat"
and this is part one of "al salam ya salam" comedy show

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