Monday, 8 December 2008

Happy Eid folks !!

Happy Eid to you all..may this eid grants you all happiness..try to enjoy your Eid as much as possible (I know most of us have got exams) try to seek joy during this eid :)

That day I saw this cartoon of eid done by Osama Hajjaj.and Oh my god I really felt so bad for the sheep ...I love to eat meat,but after this incident..I don't think I will be able to taste it FOR A WHILE :P but I love Osama Hajja's works..

Enjoy you eid to the Ma'moul and Meat till you tv..sleep.. play with you neighbours (wlad il 7ara) with beads guns :) make phonecalls..go out with you family..DO ANYTHING JUST TO FEEL EID FOR GOD'S SAKE !!!

I will leave you now with a very very very old and popular song,I woke up today and this song has been on mind since morning,I can't stop singing it loudly..searched on youtube and when I found it I couldn't help myslef...It brought me back to a very nice period of time when I was a kido :)

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