Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas,Bouna Natale,أعياد مجيده

Merry Christmas y'all and happy holidays... I can only offer you one piece of advice..DO NOT STAY HOME !! I know it's freak'n cold outside,but do your best not to stay home !! except if you've invited too many people for lunch then it is better to have it home.. eat chocolates and sweets as much as you want,keep yourself busy and never try to think about anything but entertainment.

I love this year's decorations for christmas especially at HomeCenter it was cool !!Christmas trees are all over 'Amman's malls,stores and restaurants...,oh oh and this year my neighbour put a huge effort doing her christmas tree,and thankfully it is not over decorated !!I wanna have a tree too :( !! loool

P.S: a choir came to our neighbour's house and they started singing loudly "actually I didn't understand a single word" but the funny thing that our neighbour apparently were at the mass !! looool they missed the show...

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