Thursday, 18 December 2008


Today,I am officially grumpy,I mean it..and here are the reasons *serial of events* :
  1. I woke up this morning ,the weather is so so so cold..and I spent more than an hour dressing up
  2. Today I have only two lectures,one of them was canceled 3 days ago due to the elections,and the other one we didn't have any idea about it until we arrived to the university today..
  3. I was asked twice by the security for my ID,and couple of guys were helplessly trying to enter the university but the security didn't let them in
  4. Everybody was busy,worried,afraid,stressed,and acting like james bond,oh and all on their cellphones talking and screaming
  5. I tried to go to my lecture's hall but obviously there was NO lecture,because they used it for the election stuff..SO MY ONLY LONELY LECTURE IS CANCELED!! how lovely
  6. I met my semi-frozen friend and we were REALLY angry,why don't they just tell us that there is no lectures..WHY ?!
  7. We went down to the square "square il tejara" it was dreary and all were just acting fake..Fake..FAKE
  8. I left the university by the main gate,and the same thing,guys were trying aimlessly and two police cars were near the gate,by the way one of them was Audi A6 !!
  9. I didn't vote at all,and I don't regret it at all..I just wanna see what is gonna happen after they form the board...who knows I may change my attitude??
  10. I was supposed to catch some sleep ,but I couldn't because I talked to my sister in the UAE for a long time on MSN
  11. Has anyone noticed that today is Thursday?? and certainly I have no plans for this weekend.However,I really wanna go out somewhere..anywhere!! well except cafe's they are just as boring as staying home
  12. Last night I watched Grey's Anatomy's finale (season 3) and I was sad because of what Burke did to Cristina,I mean she is a practical woman c'mon,and she is so dedicated to her job,and he knows that quiet well,I believe it was so "drama" what he did at the wedding..and leaving her was a mistake..a big fat mistake indeed
  13. The weather is so cold..I wish it was raining instead of this windy day

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