Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Stars Of Science

I know this post is too too too late... but it is better than nothing :)

One of the greatest reality TV shows in the Arab world by far !! I started watching it from the begining of this month, but I got the whole concept of it

A group of contestants from different regions of the arab world, each one of them has his own idea of a certain project that will be desgined and developed through the stages of this show along with assistance from experts and mentors..at the end the winner will receive a $300,000

to know more about it click

& all I can tell that the ideas are TERRIFIC !! I really liked the Dozan project by a lebanese guy named Bassam Jalgha which is a machine that can tune your instrument (the strings) .. this project has created some sorta chaos online since there is a similar gadget .. but I can assure you it is utterly different..

my 2nd fav. project is by Sagr Al Fayz from KSA which is a portable scanner that translate english texts to arabic verbal sounds,designed for people who are blind or suffer from sight issues

The finale is this Friday on Future TV at 10 pm..and the two final projects that made it to the finale stage are :

1) Dozan

2)Orsod ( orsod is a project by Mohammed Orsod from Sudan ,it is an oil tester that can show you the quality of the oil you use )

Seriously don't miss it on friday .. it is gonna be the launch of both project,so lots of surprises ;)

for votes send 1 for Dozan or 2 for Orsod to :

زين 95515
Express 91021 امنية 98734 Orange 99502

From the rest of the world: 423662690080 OR 88216900420

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