Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Monawa3at منوعات

I dont know if you still remember this term very well,but when Satellites were really fay3een "popular" during the 90's along with video recorders,oh man we used to spend nights recording tv shows (esp those of LBC) and recording video clips,missing episodes of some tv series,even some famous arabic plays !!

I was young, I was around 7-9 years

I remember that dark brown cupboard near our house's door,it was full of recorded video tapes,some by my siblings and others borrowed from our cousins :) I remember *very well* those which were titled by Monawa3at and then followed by a date or a year or even an occassion !! and we used to play it over and over ..

I will leave you with some of those memories :) 3ala zo2i

Wael Kfouri & Nawal Al Zoughbi - Meen Habibi Ana Assi Hillani - wani mareg marret Hisham Abbas & Hameed Al Sha'er - 'ENI 'ENI Mustafa amar - El sood oyonoh Latifa - ya sidi massi Nawal Al zoughbi - habeit ya leil
enough for now :) but man they looked all so funny !! thank god for the new millennium

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Whisper said...

ya allaaaaah you remind me with a very old memories

you mean thanks God for plastic surgery LOOOOL