Monday, 15 June 2009

Senza Titolo

Every time I put my hands on the keyboard to write whatever comes to my mind,I tend to feel distracted,bored,and uncertain what to write about !!!

I just can't push myself to write while nothing specific is on my mind ... or I can't express myself clearly

Anyhow,since I finished my finals which was a huge event :P nothing much happened,I was supposed to go with my family to Palestine to attend my cousin's wedding,but then I canceled the whole idea for me,and honestly I felt guilty but also content !!! guilty for taking such a mean and selfish decision of not going there (forget my uncles cousins etc) I am talking about Palestine itself,where I lived for 14 years.I didn't want to go because of the people over there !! yes khalayleh !!! (not gonna talk about this thing) I know its stupid to think like that,but I swear it really bothers me to deal with them ,at the same time I miss Palestine,I miss those tough times I had there,I miss the freshness of its air...and yet I dont know if I miss the place or the time !!

and since one of my sisters cant go to Palestine,she took advantage of me being here to take care of her 4 year old girl,every morning from 9 am till 6 pm,it is a very good experince indeed,because now I realise that it is better not to have kids at alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll,they're so demanding,annoying,and a big Big BIG responsibility

Anyways,one of the best things I did so far is watching the finale of the incredible Tv series everrr Lost !! OMG it was amazing,they left us as always excited,puzzled and hungry for more :( my brother's wife and I can't stop discussing it whenever we meet :P

I talked too much ..khalas latersssss


Whisper said...

WOW you lived there for 14 years!!
I envy you...

I know that you have your reasons but for me I'll do what ever it takes for visiting Palestine :(

Ashwaq Shaheen said...

yes dear,tha's why I feel so sad..actually guilty :(

I hate this feeling I really do