Sunday, 28 June 2009

Bassam Jalgha (Dozan team) Won The 1st place in Stars Of Science

AND THEY DID ITTTTTT !!! Bassam Jalgha along with his Dozan creative team members won the $300,000 1st prize at the finale of the first pan-arab scientific reality TV show Stars Of Science,Dozan beated Orsod project with a massive amount of votes approached 62% !!!

I really did vote for Dozan , and this was only my second time of voting for a reality TV competition because simply I was convinced !!

Dozan Team :

Bassam Jalgha from Lebanon (Idea holder)

Mazen Salah from Jordan.

Wahiba Chair from Algeria.

Saber Ben Massoud from Tunisia.

Hassan Dib from Syria.

Mohammad Amin Abu Harb from Lebanon.

Yassir Ramil from Morocco

1 comment:

Bassam Jalgha said...

Sorry for the late comment, I just noticed it.
Thank you for this really nice blog .
Stars of Science was a really interesting experience that i invite all arab youth not to miss.
Dozan is on the path to production.

Bassam Jalgha