Tuesday, 27 January 2009

What's wrong with you Orange !!

Ok !! I’ve had enough guys !! and I am so sick of your services, this is the not the first problem I face,since I got my ADSL,and from time to time the service must go down *including Orange telephone service* and when we complain they answer you the same thing..You got some noise in your line..change the filter !!

I use the 1212 service alottttttt !! and for so many times I call and all I get is that non-stop boring music ,till I get ultimately convinced that I will get no answer (after nearly twenty attempts),even when I get a problem with my ADSL connection and call Orange customers service the same thing happens,but they are more polite they ask you to call later so you don’t waste your time waiting someone to pick up your call..and when luck get by my side,the technical support team finally answer my call,I explain my problem very clearly and mention that I’ve been trying to call them since early morning,and all they offer is an ordinary procedure and to call them back !! whatttt ?? calling them again !! that’s can’t even happen once again !!

The same problem occurred one day and I went through the whole suffering issue of getting in touch with the “technical support team” and all what that lady offered to me is registering my name and house number on their list so they can send their crew to fix the problem….AFTER TWO DAYS they finally came !!!! two days with no internet connection !!! oh and they didn’t even fix anything ,the guy who came over my house said there sth wrong with my PC..and left

There is another thing,their bills,telephone bills..ok I really can’t seem to understand their system !! they send two bills with the title “Fixed Line” with the same amount of money every month (btw my ADSL is from BATELCO)!! two days ago a guy called my house number and told me they are going to disconnect my ADSL line because it hasn’t been paid for a long time !! I was like what are you talking about !! every month we pay the bills and I got the receipts..he said then you have to check or see someone men “il itisalat” my dad and I checked all 2008 bills (December and November’s bills ain’t paid) till we reached November’s bill !! there were 62 jds as unpaid bills !! you can’t do anything but paying the 62 jds !!! I just wanna know WHAT IS EXACTLY THEIR SYSTEM !! SERIOUSLY…. Pffffttttttttt

And what is wrong with the deadly slow internet connection these days !!! I called Bateclo and they said that’s from Orange..so I am not gonna even think to call Orange at all..that is so frustrating indeed !! I could barely open my facebook ..youtube doesn’t even load one complete minute,and I hope that this post has been published because I’ve been trying to post it for like 7 times,and all I see is a blank page after clicking post !!! akhhhhhh akhhhhhhhh

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