Monday, 4 May 2009

Today's weather

Seriously I couldn't breath,and I got a bad headache today,I slept for 3 hours and still feeling dizzy and unfocused..Oh and my hair is in a bad condition right now,I just got a new haircut on Saturday UGHHH !!!
My first lecture starts at 9:30 I left home at 9:16,arrived my university nearly at 9:45 ... the slowest bloodiest traffic jam I've ever seen,and the taxi driver was cursing everyone,the radio was so loud... and all what I was thinking ,definitely was my Italian class !! I thought that there were policemen on the way or an accident or sth..but there was NOTHING at all ... it was freaky

Enjoy the weather folks !!!


Unknown said...

The weather is awful !!! i can feel it staying at home, how is it with going out?

Maybe the traffic bcoz of new Shemsani road fixes?

Ashwaq Shaheen said...

stay home and never try to think to go out !!! dusts,winds and sticky bugs that will cover your jacket and bag ...eww !!