Monday, 4 May 2009

Frownies !!

I know ... I know ... Many people have written about this "issue" that some of us consider it an advantage which "labels" us from other cultures ... EXCUSE ME !! "We" look absolutely ridiculous with those stupid fake prestige-making FROWNs \/

Yes "we". I used to be one of the frownies, and as I unconsciously realised that the more you frown the more you receive respect,attention, and people around you will consider you a member of the 'Ammani high society who feels frustration and disappointment of almost everything.
Case examples :
1) Beauty centers/salons : that day I wanted to get my nails done,and believe me it is the best thing to do on earth,in order to get relaxed and pampered :P anyhow girls who were there,were approximately between the ages of 18-25 with different styles of frowns,they looked soo funny !! I was looking at each on of them and wondering why on earth would you frown while getting your nails done haaa ?? you are supposed to be spending a good time away from stress that's caused by work or studying !! for god's sake stop boasting it

2) ANY official department (let's take the clinic at JU) : My poor friend yesterday was wearing a sandal that wasn't quiet comfy (although it looks so cool) and it was hurting her ankle all the day,so I suggested to go to the clinic so we can get some plasters. & so we did,and as we were heading to the emergency (which is by the way a normal size room) the door was opened, there were an old man,and a lady who seemed quiet unpleased.My mate knocked the door and asked politely for TWO plasters,the lady said in a very rude way : oh sure for your sandal why would you ask for plasters?? we didn't reply...but damn how I wanted to reply back..anyhow my friend needed another one,so I told her to wait and that I will get her another one..believe me I was so ready for a fight :)

This time the old man was still sitting on the chair but his hand was covering his eyes,meanwhile that lady was sitting on another one sipping nescafe or watever it I said (in arabic ) excuse me but please we really need ONE plaster my friend's leg is quiet damaged :P the lady didn't even move..the old man was REALLY angry,he gave me that plaster with a scary look in the eyes..I said Thank you so much and left the room !!!

Oh and finally I've heard frowning too much may cause early wrinkles for you young ladies :) Thankfully I quited frowning except when I concentrate during my Italian lectures !!

PS: Have I mentioned that the old man and the lady were doctors ?!


Anonymous said...

Great Post, Welcome to the wonderful and magical country of Jordan!!

Ashwaq Shaheen said...

if people could only change themselves and think before doing anything,Jordan will be much much better .. I am not criticizing..its only a point of view