Friday, 1 May 2009


That undescribable state has become more and more usual to me.Infact,its no more a nuisance.Actually we get used to every single thing we "particularly" detest by time

Everything in this life is temporarily,our sadness,happiness,failure,success,even that bloody undecribable feeling is also temporarily

I have no idea who drew this "graffiti",except that he/she is a student at JU,I apologise if there are any copyrights..btw they are everywhere

Racisim is everywhere,even in our classes"too lame",and by the way student's got less racism than professors (to be honest exclude only 10% of the professors) still too lame indeed



Anonymous said...

Glad you opened the issue, yes I do believe that there is a lot of racism in JU. It was actually the place where I got to know that such things actually exist in Jordan, and the fact that professors are more racist than students is also true, true indeed. from both sides of course.

Ashwaq Shaheen said...

Yes Tha2ir I totally agree with you...luck me I got introduced to racism when I was at high school !!

I will blog about it soon