Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A Tale Of A Stupid Question


Like are you REALLY serious when you ask me : " Oh,Shaheen?? do you own ma7ames Shaheen /Shaheen's Roasters ??"

I belong to Shaheen family,Shaheen in arabic means the eagle,and some claim that it is originally an Iranian word, Watch out now hahahahah.Shaheen is a world wide family,from Palestine to Lebanon to America to Antartica (oh have we really reached there?!) Many famous arabic and non arabic figures have got Shaheen as their last name,
Yousef Shaheen (a well-known egyptian director) Simon Shaheen (a Palestinian musician) just to name a few :P Shaheen could be also written as Chahin,and I just like it when I recieve an email or when someone call me Miss Shaheen .. hmm I must get married to a guy who has a last name that fits mine because I am not going to ditch it,simply!!! LoooooL,I don't know if it is true but I just feel it is an international name !!

Back to the major point !! Why on earth do you relate my last name to Shaheen's roasters ?? why don't you think of sth else?? something much more well-known than this..and when I reply by NO,they got disappointed,as if, if I were from that Shaheen I 'd provide them with nuts and chashews !!! so they re-ask me : Oh Shaheen,where ?? I reply : Palestine Hebron..and If they're really curiouse and impolite they'll say : OMG !!! You just don't look like a girl from Hebron "khaleleyyeh" at all,EXCUSE ME do KHALAYLEH have a certain look ??!! it is sooo funny I just enjoy people's initial stupid reactions hahahaha

PS: I apologise if I sound abit over proud,but I just got excited !!


Anonymous said...

Great Piece of Music, by the way. Are you related to Simon Shaheen, I mean do you know how to compose music! Just kiddin

And sorry to tell you, but yeah, one can identify a Khalili from Miles. The speech, the stone head, and the tendency to argue with almost everyone on almost everything, just like what you did!

Ashwaq Shaheen said...

DUDE !! everybody argues over nearly EVERYTHING,not only khalayleh.

My point was to erase that fake "stereotype" about khalayleh,but I still receive this reaction : Oh you don't seem like a khaleeleyeh at all !!! :s also I think its kinda lame to relate my last name to a certain thing,what is the point to know if I am from those Shaheens ?!

I hope that I am related to him,I'd better start searching my family's tree hahaha.I play a little bit on piano,but nshallah this summer I'm planning to start my Bozuq lessons

Thank you and I'm glad you liked it
Have a lovely day