Friday, 17 April 2009

Best thing so far

Yesterday,I did the most refreshing thing so far !! Its exactly what I needed,walking from The faculty of civil engineering to the faculty of the foreign languages,approximately 15 mins walking,6 mins running !!
It was around 12:50 pm,I've finished my Arabic 102 lecture,as I left the hall and went outside,I was fascinated by the view !! It was raining cats and dogs !!! Me and 2 friends of mine waited for like 5 mins perhaps it would was getting heavier more and more
I was wearing a sweater,black straight jeans,sneakers,and surely my big black handbag,I paused,I looked at my friends,I looked back at the gently moving trees as the pouring rains wash'em gracefully
I said let's move, and walked ...
One of my friends who was wearing a flat shoes,refused to come along with us,but as soon as my second friend and I were nearly leaving the place,she followed us BUT she "protected" her hair by that Arabic book..I wonder if she is going to keep it ?!
I didn't bother myself to cover my head,simply walking under the rain,and I can tell at that stage my sneakers and socks were compeletly wet...we reached the IT,and its still raining,my friends were like : Ashwaq you're still sick and you haven't even finished your tablets !! let's get in the cafeteria ... I refused
All way long I kept raising my face while rain drops hitting my face,water reached under my knees,while my hair was totally wet,and getting it's curly shape despite it's short friend was complaining all the way and cursing everything she sees in her way :) meanwhile me and my other friend were laughing hysterically
I felt renewed and extremely overwhelmed even for a short time !!
PS: It was my very first time to walk under pouring rain !


Whisper said...

I was in my way to another company at my car exactly when it start raining yesterday, at first I was afraid :$ I park next to the street and after a while I drove slowly ,it was very nice, the rain at the front window, WOW only this year I fail in love with the rain and walking under the rain.

Anonymous said...

I have to confess that I enjoy those walks too, especially when one is wearing a high heals shoe so he won't be bothered by the water in his shoes.