Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Totally Random

  1. I hate cooking so much !!
  2. I love kittens and rabbits but I don't like to have them as my own pets
  3. I was born in Jerusalem
  4. I moved to 'Amman 4 years ago,I used to live in Palestine
  5. I love winter more than summer
  6. I am a very selective person,and can't get a long with anyone easily
  7. I adore Marcel Khalifeh and Ziad Rahbani
  8. My fav movie is Leon
  9. I used to be addicted on playing The Sims 2,some people think it is a pervert game !!
  10. I love Abu Khaleel restaurant <3>
  11. I'm not so interested in electronics and stuff like that
  12. People's first impression on me is : arrogant or conceited!!
  13. Addicted to Lost (currently watching season 6 )
  14. I love Henry Ian Cusick


S H A R I F O said...

1. cooking is the most relaxing thing i can do !!

2.I have a golden fish that won't die...the immortal fish!

3.Great to know that...your are blessed all the way !

4.well, not that blessed :P !


6.hmmmm...and you gave a green light to my ba6a6a...niiice :D

7.everybody likes marcel...

8. didn't watch it yet !

9.Same...played Spore and waiting for the sims 3 !

10.added to "places when i come to jordan list"

11.why not...I hope i turn into a half man half cyborg guy :D

12.don't want to be a spoiler...bas shayfa Ben el nadel !!

13.meen hadool ?
zai zake jom3a we abu ma6wa ?

maroo said...

mmm whats better than eating a delicious meal ?? cooking it !!
(lool i dont cook 2 )

u r lucky that u lived in palestine ,, im from Yafa and i wish i can visit it one day

Anonymous said...

The Sims Rule, don't listen to anyone. It's the best game ever been, of course along with Red Alert 3

Ashwaq Shaheen said...

Tha2ir : I enjoyed sims university so much !! been a long time haven't played it though !! Thanks for your comment

Maroo : welcome dear.. I love Yafans a lot !! I enjoy tasting food more than cooking it

Sharifo : man !! your comment is hilarious LoL esp. #4 !!! and about Lost,this season is amazing,and totally unpredictable !! Henry Ian Cusick is Desmond :) and not zaki gom3a hahahahahah..Thanks for the comment