Wednesday, 19 November 2008

A quick update

OK OK ... I haven't posted anything since friday,but seriously this week I got so many things to do..what a hectic week indeed !! My little nephew had a surgery,and I had an exam,plus my brother's birthday all on the same day (Monday),and I had to study the latest lecture of Human's rights (Tuseday) by the way it is DEADLY boring,and today (Wednesday) my neice and my nephew are at my house and I have 2 homeworks to do for tomorrow (Thursday),oh and tomorrow I have 2 lectures till 11 a.m then I have an appointment at the dentist and God only knows what's wrong with my teeth :)
And what funny about today is that I discovered 2 stupid mistakes I did today,first I told my professor that on 22/Novemeber which is gonna be this thursday there will be an Italian movie (One of the movies shown at The European Films Festival) and later I found out that 22/11 is Saturday :))) Oh La La !! then I realized that my registration for my next semester is not on Friday !! it is on Sunday (23/November) !!! Anyways I still feel sort of content but so tired,and still I got some stuffs to finish coming ahead...I have no plans for this weekend yet,most probably I will spend it studying efffttt..unless the weather is cold and windy I will go out somewhere.By the way today's weather was AMAZING.

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