Thursday, 13 November 2008


Hey everyone:
This is my very first post on my very first blog EVER !!!! So here we go,my name is Ashwaq I live in Jordan since 2005 (used to live in the West Bank),I finished my senior year at Rosary Sisters College,and now I am a student at Jordan University at the faculty of the European Languages..I am not gonna talk too much about myself,because I think it is REALLY boring.

Anyways the reason I blog is because I feel that I have too many things to talk about,and since we are not heard and nobody cares about what we think or even what we need over here,Blogging seems to be a good opportunity to speak up,,,Basically my posts are going to be clean and violence - free,I will write in both Arabic and English,since I AM ARAB !! feel free to leave a comment but please do NOT exceed the limits ,since everyone is expressing their own thoughts and ideas .

Why did I choose Salt & Pepper as my blog name ??

Salt & Pepper are the most essential ingredients at any kind of recipe,you can't eat any meal without having Salt & Pepper added to it,no matter what type of food you like.Everyone has his/her own Salt & Pepper,to me RESPECT and EDUCATION are my Salt and Pepper

That's it so far ...

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