Monday, 7 September 2009

Introducing : Hosam Eliwat

"Hosam Eliwat is a young palestinan Oud player and composer from Jerusalem,was born in 1990 he started playing Oud in the age of 13 (self-taught) . Hosam had a connection with the Oud from the childhood , he loved the Oud and in this moment it takes a big part of Hosam's life . Hosam got the support from the most important musicians and Oud players like (Marcel Khalife & Simon Shahine ) to complete his career with the Oud to be a star in the music world. "

Hosam's very first concert in his musical life is planned to take place on October29,2009 in Nazareth city at Mahmoud Darwesh Cultural Center,his visit will be also his very first time to see his homeland Palestine (update : September20,2009 : the concert was canceled due to some travelling problems &visa)

I feel quiet proud when I introduce such talented poeple (decent talents !) ... man it gives some hope for a better change !!

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Courtesy to Hosam Eliwat

Hosam Eliwat playing for Le Trio Joubran 2

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