Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Actually I can't believe myself !! I am finally writing on my blog. I was NOT busy,I was NOT away,I was NOT even studying,I was NOT doing anything at all,It's just that I was .. umm ..absent-minded !

Yes I was completely absent-minded

I've been in weird situations,I met some great people,I heard funny and meaningless stories,I had arguments and fight with some idiots.I really wanted to blog about'em all but again I was NOT in the mood to blog !
well Ramadan Kareem y'all,I hope you all have managed to survive the heat and the hunger during your daytime.The first day was really unbearable,but thank God we dont have to go to college till after Eid ..yupppy finally something FIXED

The Tv is like a non-stop marathon,surfing the channels is sth not that preferable since you watch the same series here and there,I swear it is so annoying,I mean till now I haven't seen a serie that grabbed my attention,except for YAWMEYAT WANEES (season 6) cuz it really brought me back to my childhood

I need to leave I will blog soon ENSHALLAH

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