Monday, 7 September 2009

Introducing : Hosam Eliwat

"Hosam Eliwat is a young palestinan Oud player and composer from Jerusalem,was born in 1990 he started playing Oud in the age of 13 (self-taught) . Hosam had a connection with the Oud from the childhood , he loved the Oud and in this moment it takes a big part of Hosam's life . Hosam got the support from the most important musicians and Oud players like (Marcel Khalife & Simon Shahine ) to complete his career with the Oud to be a star in the music world. "

Hosam's very first concert in his musical life is planned to take place on October29,2009 in Nazareth city at Mahmoud Darwesh Cultural Center,his visit will be also his very first time to see his homeland Palestine (update : September20,2009 : the concert was canceled due to some travelling problems &visa)

I feel quiet proud when I introduce such talented poeple (decent talents !) ... man it gives some hope for a better change !!

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Courtesy to Hosam Eliwat

Hosam Eliwat playing for Le Trio Joubran 2

Sunday, 6 September 2009

حلقة اليوم من مسلسل وطن ع وتر

حلقة اليوم من مسلسل وطن ع وتر

وطن ع وتر

وطن ع وتر برنامج مدته لا تتجاوز الـ 15 دقيقه يذاع يوميا على قناة فلسطين الساعه 7:30 ... من بطولة : عماد فراجين , منال عوض , خالد المصو

برأيّ يعتبر هذا العمل من أكثر الأعمال اتقانا و جذبا على تلفزيون فلسطين, وطبعا كعمل فلسطيني على مستوى مختلف عن أية أعمال فلسطينية محلية , جريء تماما, كوميدي بامتياز , يظهر حالة الفلسطينين و قضاياهم المختلفه على كافه الأصعده دون أي تجميل للواقع ..

الثلاثي " إن استطعنا القول " عماد,منال و خالد بالفعل أشخاص موهوبين و أنا شخصيا حضرت مسرحية غزة - رام الله و أداؤهم كان فعلا أكثر من رائع, يعني كتير طبيعي و بسيط و غير متكلّف أبدا

رح أتركو مع مقدمة المسلسل , طبعا الحلقات مش كلها نازله على النت بس في إلهم حروب على الفيسبوك اذا بتحبو تبقوا على إطلاع

و شكرا جزيلا :P
تجديد : "ويشرف على هيئة الاذاعة والتلفزيون الفلسطيني عضو اللجنة التنفيذية لمنظمة التحرير الفلسطينية ياسر عبد ربه بتكليف من الرئيس محمود عباس." نقلا عن موقع فرانس24

Friday, 28 August 2009

I just can't get over it

..yes sadly.

I just can't get over it,it is Ramadan 7th ,and SIMPLY I can't get over it !!

Last friday my dad arrived from Palestine,and we waited him to come with us to do the shopping since dad knows more about "meat stuffs" than mum !! (and yes he got the cash :D) anyways I have no idea why dad just {Enjoys} to do shopping at Carrefour !! and so "we" (dad,mum,my brother and I) went to ugly Carrefour around 8:30 pm.

The traffic was starting from Mecca Street ending at CityMall/Carrefour parkings !! I was depressed .I wanted to go home,seeing that much of human beings,poping up infront of your face is really ANNOYING !

countless humans,noises,bumping shoulders all way long,people wont even give you some space to move !! ugly smells everywhere !! Carrefour was a big mess that day !! ouffftt !!


we were divided into two teams,first of all we didnt find a shopping cart,seriously there wasn't even one single cart in the line !!! I was like ok what's next ?! we waited till they brought some and unfortunately entered SOUK AL JOM3A ! I swear to God rice,sugar and flour shelves were E M P T Y I swear !! mum and I started laughing because that was totally crazy,eno wal !!

Oh and people there were like in a picnic,a mother along with 4-5 wicked kids from different ages, crying and screaming,mums were beating their kids cruely actually !! eno I just want to understand why do u bring your little ones if you are planning to kill them when you do ur shopping,IT IS NOT FUN AT ALL. staring at each others carts,carts accidents,ya welliiii that made me go nuts ,some walking slowly as if there is no one but them shopping and others used to stop in the corridors as if they were in a museum,tab ya 3ammi leave some space so I can just pass eh !!

1 hour and 30 mins of torture

we didn't buy most of our stuffs,we waited in the line for about 15 mins,I came back home with a bad headache

what I've witnessed is a major question mark ...and from my own point of view it indicates some kinda psychological problem that our community is suffering from.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Actually I can't believe myself !! I am finally writing on my blog. I was NOT busy,I was NOT away,I was NOT even studying,I was NOT doing anything at all,It's just that I was .. umm ..absent-minded !

Yes I was completely absent-minded

I've been in weird situations,I met some great people,I heard funny and meaningless stories,I had arguments and fight with some idiots.I really wanted to blog about'em all but again I was NOT in the mood to blog !
well Ramadan Kareem y'all,I hope you all have managed to survive the heat and the hunger during your daytime.The first day was really unbearable,but thank God we dont have to go to college till after Eid ..yupppy finally something FIXED

The Tv is like a non-stop marathon,surfing the channels is sth not that preferable since you watch the same series here and there,I swear it is so annoying,I mean till now I haven't seen a serie that grabbed my attention,except for YAWMEYAT WANEES (season 6) cuz it really brought me back to my childhood

I need to leave I will blog soon ENSHALLAH

Saturday, 15 August 2009

The Palestine Youth Orchestra

Last night was definitely unforgettable (who can aslan !!) It was my very first time to attend The PYO (Palestine Youth Orchestra) and I really really loved it,and the voice of Reem Talhami just took it to a higher level

I felt .. umm .. it was a mixture of bizzare feelings, their faces were so bright,cheerful, they seemed to be happy.

My favourite part was when Reem Talhami performed a song for Gaza,it was sth like ..Heaven
And now Palestine has got its own Orchestra ... I feel so proud of them,may God bless them all